Coronavirus & COVID-19 update

Find out how Mini First Aid is responding to the ongoing development & spread of coronavirus & COVID-19

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Coronavirus & COVID-19 update

During this time, when social contact is being limited due to COVID-19, Mini First Aid is committed to keeping you as safe as possible and reducing the risk of infection.

Mini First Aid provides formal education and training and can therefore continue to offer ‘in person’ classes under current Public Health Guidelines in all restriction tiers. Please note that during the current Lockdown (January 2021 onwards) we will only be offering ‘in person’ classes when an online version or video class is not possible or suitable.

Parents & Carers: Mini First Aid offers online versions of our 2-hour Baby and Child First Aid class and our 3-Hour Family First Aid class, or alternatively the full selection of our classes is available with our trainers via Zoom. Our 2hr Class is also available ‘in person’ (accredited by CPD) when the online options are not a possibility.

Children: Our Early Years, Kids & Teens classes are available in schools (when open) as part of the National Curriculum. Online sessions can be arranged with our trainers via zoom during school closures.

Qualification Courses: All our accredited Qualification Courses for Adults (see our website for details) are running ‘in person’, but with online blended learning options also available.

We maintain a Mini First Aid Covid-Secure policy for all our classes, which incorporates the most up to date guidance from the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) and from the UK’s official Public Health guidance.

For all ‘in person’ classes, Mini First Aid will carry out an individual risk assessment. All attendees will be given a detailed ‘checklist’ prior to attending all classes and courses. The checklist details the steps we have taken to assess any risks of COVID-19 and measures taken to minimise these risks.

We have taken into consideration every detail, including (but not limited to):